The Adventures of DarcyBot.

I am celebrating the first 365 Earth days of this blog by consuming the human food “cake” and wearing a “party hat,” which, according to LizzieBot, makes me look “adorable.” I do not know what she means by this because my emotion code was not horribly advanced and needs to be updated.
LizzieBot and LydiaBot took a strange wooden contraption to meet me today. My sensors informed me that it was a “TARDIS,” Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It is quite strange. I am not sure I am entirely fond of the idea of being able to travel in a “phone box.”
In line for a “panel.” Strange, that humans would want to sit in a room for an hour and watch a piece of tree remains (“wood”).
Strange cloth containment structure in a color not unlike 0 128 0 (my sensors could not get an accurate reading due to the poor lighting). Humans strangely excited about said cloth device.

[[DarcyBot will be at LeakyCon with me! If you’d like to see him, I’ll definitely be at the Lizzie Bennet panel and both Sherlockian things.]]

Stuck in a plastic bag with Darcybot++ because the humans thought it would be a good idea. I am not entirely sure about that, as the weather in central California is rather warm. Hopefully Oregon will be cooler (albeit with more humans in strange costumes like “robes”).
Human food must be stored at rather cold temperatures. I am not exactly pleased with my current situation in regards to my very close vicinity to it. It is not good for my soldering to be in such a cold place. I think I am going into emergency power—
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